"Mongo Hustle" by Heesco

FRIDAY 18 MARCH 2011 6-9 PM With a special one-off performance by Mongolian throat singer Bukhu (Sydney) in collaboration with local beatboxers! Don't Sleep!


Heesco - Mongo Hustle - Solo Exhibition from heesco on Vimeo.

Mongolia might not have a McDonalds or a Starbucks yet, but it does have street art. Perhaps one of the last bastions of a globalised world where hip hop has hit town before hamburgers, the nation’s capital Ulaanbaatar is getting a fresh lick of paint thanks to a new breed of artists. Melbourne-based Mongolian Heesco is set to bring a little bit of his homeland’s streets to At Large gallery with his third solo exhibition, Mongo Hustle.

Mongo Hustle will feature portraits of Mongolian street artists ANZ, DEEZ, ASO, RUSTY, RAFFISHCOCK, and ETOSTARR, to highlight the small but developing scene in Mongolia and its pioneers. The exhibition also includes excerpts from forthcoming documentary Mongolian Bling by Melbournian Benj Binks, who spent last 4 years documenting the burgeoning hip hop scene in Mongolia.

It wasn’t until the late 90s, after a democratic revolution in 1990 freed Mongolia from the shackles of the Soviet Union, that hip-hop and graffiti culture started to find its way onto the streets of Ulaanbaatar.

The exhibition is a celebration of graffiti culture, and the extent and reach of its development, and a small showcase of how it’s done in Mongolia.
“Some of these guys go out painting in winter, using paints and brushes, not all spray cans, because all they can get is cheap spraypaint that can’t even fill a metre by metre surface. It’s really hard to use but they're still determined to go out and paint.”

Now, Ulaanbaatar is starting to see elaborate paintings pop up on walls and buildings across the city as artists familiarise themselves with the work of their international counterparts.

Heesco is a graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, a painter, printmaker, illustrator, and street artist.

Exhibition is kindly sponsored by Fat Yak, and Koast Kollektive.