CLOUD 9 GRAFF JAM @ High Vibes!

One Day Only! (Coincides with High Vibes, High St. Festival): Sunday 20th September 2009 10AM -10PM

This September, the annual event of High Vibes sees the forever animated High St. Northcote, turn into a full- fledged street festival, with over twelve hours of beats, dancing, drinking, culinary delights and for us, talented graffers at work.

Coinciding with this event, At Large will have artwork hung in the gallery, prints and hand made products, and a graff jam out the back.
We will be overloaded with bbq and drinks; hiphop, dubstep, drum and bass DJ's playing back-to-back until well after dark.
The back walls will be boarded up and painted on by various artists.

Audiences can observe the progression throughout the day of each piece taking shape, and the different techniques used.

After the sun goes down, you can sit back, enjoy the smell of fresh air again and enjoy the brand new pieces of art around you, while kicking back with a beer and some mates by the fire or on the dancefloor.